About Revue

Our mission is to create a network of curated voices to help passionate people become influential curators by being the easiest tool to share curated content ever made.

What is Revue?
Revue is based in The Netherlands and focuses on content curation. We see ourselves as a platform that you can use to create your email digest effortlessly. We do this in a simple and convenient way. But we also pay special attention to aesthetics so you can send out the best looking newsletters! Our goal is to satisfy customers by providing an easy tool that reaches audiences efficiently, while looking damn good.


Who is Revue for?
Revue is for everyone! It doesn’t matter if you are a company trying to express your passion through newsletters or a university graduate wanting to talk about your interests. We are happy to see everyone on our platform, the more the merrier after all! Diversity is essential for us, so we are trying to get people with different interests to contribute their knowledge to Revue by creating relevant and beautiful newsletters. That is why we have clients from different fields like startups, virtual reality enthusiasts, music experts, foodies and many more.

Where is Revue going?
We don't want to be another email marketing service. We are creating a platform for people to curate content and for readers to find the most interesting content from the people they trust. We're reinventing the newsletter.

We’re not only on a mission, we’re also very pretty

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